M&k 750 mk11 are they good for music also?

Anyone give me some insight.Looking to upgrade my HT system.Looking at Denon 4802 or Marantz 8300,[or suggestions].Have listen to the M&k S 150 ultra thx system with the denon 4802,sounded great in suround [movies].But what about listening to music.If you have it on two channel for music [only the mains]They are not full range.So the tech guy say,s you use the sub for your low frequency,But does that mean in goes threw the processor, and is in a surround mode or is it direct.Can a system like this[which I am sure is great for HT].Can it also be great for listening to music[Pink Floyd]say.Or is it always better to find full range mains and add the surrond speakers.I am thinking of the 750mk11 select because my room is only 14x12. So the S-150 ultra system is probably overkill[what do you think].My old speakers where Paradigm.Thanks.Mluthier
Hello, i had the older MX-750 and they really are one of the best home theater speakers made, however i would suggest to have the best of both worlds its alot easier to get good home theater out of a musical speaker than to get good music out of a home theater speaker.

I would suggest for a fantastic 2 channel as well as great home theater, the Marantz SR 18 or SR 19 seemed to work MUCH better than a Denon 5800.

Happy listening
yes !! M&K kicks ass. I have some M&K i want to sell under the wanted adds. check it out
Thanks for the input.Looking at a Marantz 19ex ,read the reviews.The rc 3200 remote that comes with this one.Seems to have bad reviews from eveyone,eat,s up the batteries.Have you had any experience with this remote,mrfatguy.Thanks.
Great time for a typo on my name there lol its faStguy, but anyway, i have had several of that type of remote, the sony lcd, an Atkis that comes with denon 5800s, and that one.
They are ALL cumbersome, use tons of batteries and are a huge pain to use.

The guy my buddy bought his Marantz from sold only because his wife hated the remote.
Sad but true.