M.I.T. TMax cables

Hi guys,

I have an old pair of M.I.T Tmax interconnects that I purchased YEARS ago (not even sure how long ago ... we're talking probably 12-15 years ago). At that time, they were around $80-$100, from what I recall.

Just wondering if anyone happens to know anything about these cables from that era and their potential sound character (if they were known to liven things up or roll off some highs, transparent/not, etc. I have nothing on hand at the moment to compare them to)

Overall, I am unhappy with the sound of my system (won't got into details, really - lots of my other threads cover that), but i've put off any major changes to it as funds are tied up at the moment (ex gf. ahem) and I will only make relatively big jumps later on, when i can. So, on to the small stuff, then.

I've been thinking about swapping those cables and wonder if interconnects have improved from a technological standpoint to warrant a change (or if i'd simply get 'different' and not necessarily 'better').

Also, is there any potential degradation to cables due to their age that would warrant purchasing new cables, regardless?