M/F A3 Int. Amp. What are you running...

I am considering the purcahse of this amp, and I was wondering if any one out there would like to share their thoughts on what equipment they are using with this amp. I am thinking about an entire system, as it,s time for change. Thx fr

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I own several MF amps, including A3, if you read Sam Tellig Stereophile review of A300, you know it sounds beautiful with any system. You can improve sound significantly by tossing generic power cord and replacing with inexpensive aftermarket cord like HT Pro-AC11 or PowerSnakes SideWinder, also take advantage of pre-amp out RCAs and bi-amp with another MF amp, nothing could be easier, this also simplifies bi-wiring with double runs of speaker cable (I use AP Oval 9)...regards Sam..... my collection may become larger with new MF A3cr amp & Pre-amp