M-Dac v.s. Mac D100

I am a proud owner of an Audiolab M-DAC and it a small wonder (but just a tad harsh in the upper range).

I am considering stepping up to the newly released Mcintosh D100 DAC. Good idea? Ill advised? Waste of money to have matching components? (I have an integrated MA6600). Is this really stepping up at all?

Any advice, biased or otherwise, is greatly appreciated. I can't find enough substantial reviews on the D100 yet that make me want to pull the trigger just yet.

Have you checked the forums on the D100 at AudioAficionado.org? They may have more insight on the pluses and minuses of the D!00.

I have the MA6600 myself and really love it. For a DAC I am using the Emotiva XDA-1, which the only unit I have ever had in my system. Please post your findings. If I had the funds I would indeed consider the D-100. I have not had chance to audition one as of yet.
Thanks Glenfihi,

I started out with and XDA-1 myself. I'll check out AudioAficionado. Thanks for the tip.
Should you go with the D-100 or any other DAC please post as to your view of the difference or improvement over the XDA-1. Would like to know if an upgrade is indeed worth it. Good hunting. Glen
I upgraded from XDA-1 to an Audiolabs M-DAC. BIg improvement in every way although this isn't an entirely fair comparison since I use a Hiface 2 USB to digital coax converter to up-sample to 192 to the M-DAC. The M-DAC is just so much more full and you feel closer to every instrument and voice. I spoke to a salesman at Magnolia AV that I bought my Macintosh gear and B&W's from and he's going to get a D-100 in soon. I'll be taking my M-DAC in for some A/B comparison testing when it comes in and I let you know what my ears decide.
Looking forward to it.
Okay... heard the equivalent of the D-100 the other day. Supposedly the same exact DAC that is in the D-100 is in the 5200 (I think that was the model). While I didn't have my MDAC for a direct A/B comparison the Mac D-100 sounded more full and the range was nice. The sales guy hooked up a MacBook to it and was able to get 32bit 192kHz out of it from the Apple core audio directly. Sounded very nice and I don't even think the files were uncompressed.

I will be selling my wonderful Audiiolab M-DAC for the Mcintosh D-100. It is a no brainer.