M-Audio Audiophile problem

I've got a Audio Research Ph-3 phono preamp and an Ayre K-1xe preamp. Both the Ph-3 direct and the Ayre via the tape out circuits have too much output for the M-Audio's input stage. I've turned the analoge input all the way down (actually off) and the VU bars show the volume close to or exceeding "pegged". Neither preamps have any output gain control. Short of building a resistor bridge or using the Ayre's volume controled output to cut the input down before it goes into the M-Audio Firewire is there anything I can do? One the quite passages in the music it system sounds great.
Please explain how your system is set up. I'm not sure that the M-audio card is designed to handle a pre-amplified input.
Standard stereo setup. Phono cartridge to phono preamp into preamp into amp into speakers. Tape recorder outputs on all stereo preamps and receivers are used as recorder in. So the M-Audio is taking the place of the tape recorder.
Actually the M-audio is not designed to take a standard preamp output. I talked to M-audio and they said their standard is a -10 db signal out to their box. Most high quality audio preamps have either 0 or -3db as standard out so this overdrives the M-audio. I fixed the problem by purchasing a stereo in-line attenuator pad for $20 or so. Just have to adjust the attenuator once for all recording.
Are you talking about the PCI card based Audiophile 2496 (I was considering using one to convert my records to CD)?

Is this for all of their products are just some?