Lys Pure Azure vs Sutherland Timeline

Anyone familiar (or using) the Lys Gyrascope Pure Azure. This device is made in France and rare to find in North America. Somewhat different basic principals as the Timeline but unlike the Timeline, it is quite heavy and can be used as a record center weight. Not sure of the price anymore but from memory, it was quite expensive at around $500 or $600.

Any thoughts on the Lys, Timeline or both.....for those who may have used both.
I have had one for four years now, no problems. Just plop it on the spindle and set your speed, the lights will look as they are still. Real easy to use. No experience with timeline but it is a more affordable alternative to the LYS.

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I have a Timeline, and it is a very useful tool. I like it better than a typical strobe because setting up a turntable that has a very accurate controller is much faster with it. My turntable will adjust to 1/100th RPM, so a strobe isn't really the closest measure. The Timeline is much better in that regard. That said, the KAB strobe is still very handy at times.

I don't consider it to be a really serious weight, but I didn't buy it for that purpose, so it doesn't matter to me.
Of course, I should have said a strobe disc isn't really the closest measure. The Timeline is a strobe, knew that. Anyway, the Timeline projects a dot to a further distance than the placement of strobe disc markings, so accuracy is enhanced.