Lyrita pressing

Have a local customer who wants to buy the Arnold Dances disc (Lyrita 109). From what I have read online I think I might have a very late pressing (EMI or Polygram). The label is flat and the info in the dead wax area is typed rather than etched (SRCS 109 A-2C-1-1-5/B side ends in 7). There are also a pair of what looks like capital D's at 3 o clock. The label says made in England. There is an allegro imports sticker on the back of the jacket. If this is a late pressing, what is the correct price for a very clean copy? Many thanks, L Sitkoff.
Here is a great resource for price checking. Excellent site, highly recommended!
Wowser that's quite a bit for that record, I admit I never heard it or of it! Now I am going to have to look through my records to see if I hit it big LOL!
Looks like clean Nimbus pressings go for over a 100$. Apparently mine is a very late EMI. Will let him have it for 85(before discount and I will pay the sales tax as well. Thanks for the help. Ls