lyrics to yellowman's "i'm getting divorced"

When Yellowman goes and sees "Owdyah man" or whoever it is that reads his palm and reads one psalm, the Owdyah man says something like:

"Fathead walk a mile and a half, he na na goo goo yah"

After repeating this twice, he says something like:

"Me no want, me no want a fackin ya-ma-lek."

Can anyone help me with this verse? I really like the song, but I can't stand singing nonsense in my head any longer. Any rasta speaking audiophiles out there?
Stick with "Donkey Want Water" or "Waterhouse Rock"! I've got the CD, will give it a listen and see if I can de-babelize it.
Won't be able to do it for a few days though, off to an event (a barbecue competition!)