Lyra Titan: Stylus broken during shipping

Analog friends; I've a question.

I purchased a Titan i for the second arm on my tt. It's a dealer demo cartridge described as "best condition".

This one arrived yesterday:

Did anyone of you ever had a damage like this on transport? The cartridge was very well packed in original box with stylus guard. Btw. it was impossible to find the broken stylus in the box.

Thanks for sharing your experiences,
Actually twice. One time was when a cartridge came direct from Asia and the distributor didn't check it before shipping. The cartridge arrived with guard on and no cantilever. Obviously customs broke it and then just put the guard back on :(

Second time was with another cartridge where it was shipped from the distributor to a dealer (who was to listen to it over the weekend and then send it on to me) and then to me. This time arrived w/o guard on, cantilever broken and not in box. I surmised dealer broke it and then stuffed it in box to collect insurance. Thing is, the only way cantilever can disappear is if SOMEONE opened the box between the dealer and you.

One addition thing: that cartridge has had a lot of hours of playing under its belt based upon the dirtiness of the bottom of the transducer. That black color happens over a couple of years of playing. Hope the seller insured the cartridge!
It's the responsibility of the seller and carrier to get the package to you in usable condition.
Audiofiel is absolutely, unequivocally correct. Check the Audiogon terms of service. If you don't get an immediate response from the seller, contact Audiogon and they will help you out. However, Audiofiel, shame on you for dredging up an 8 year old incident and web page. And yes, I have had some dealings w MSS/Joey and no it wasn't a perfect transaction. I understand that it shows that he might be a bit on the unsavory side. But remember that that report is not only irrelevant to his business practices, but only presents the police department's account of an arrest; there are often two or more sides to every story.
Dear Heradot, to comment on your initial question right away:
-if it was locally purchased and no customs involved, then it is IMPOSSIBLE that this damage occurred during shipment.
That is unless the Titan i cartridge was "installed" in it's originally package and packed by a person with an IQ below room temperature in celsius.
As mentioned before, - the amount of dirt on the wasabi paper protecting the generator tells already most of the story.
In any case - this is the sole responsibility of the "seller".
But given the available evidence so far, you may have a tough time getting your money back.
If you don't get a straight offer to return for full refund, I would strongly recommend contacting your lawyer right away to handle the case.
Especially so as the deal was locally and via phone/internet.
This looks very much like an intentional fraud.
What did the dealer say when you called him to discuss your damaged cartridge this week? We are all waiting for a positive resolution! Did he blame you? This why I always take pictures of every step of the way when packaging anything I sell on audiogon. It has been a reassurance to buyers and also is excellent proof of safe, complete packaging if I ever need to submit a damage claim with a shipper. A great safety tip for all audiogon members!
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