Lyra Titan scarcity

Hi, I would like to save a little money and buy a used Lyra Titan cartridge, but anyone ever see a Titan cartridge for sale on Audiogon? I'm very surprised I have never seen a used one for sale! I'm assuming owners are keeping them for life and just retipping them?

I don't think it has been out long enough for many, if any, to require retipping. It's an expensive cartridge so the total number sold is going to be limited. Be patient.
There will be a new flavor of the month and Titans will show up for sale.
I would bet that not too many Titans have seen the end of their life for their first stylus. Mine is still going strong after almost two years, and if my experience with a Helikon proves similar, there is still plenty of life left.

I don't know what the retipping costs, but, I assume it is a considerable savings over a new cartridge, particularly because a lot of the cost of the Titan is related to its carefully milled titanium body.
I purchase mind used on audiogon a little over a year ago, like Narrod stated Be patient they will pop up.
Titan is a good one, If you want almost the same results for a lesser price, I would recommend the Skala. Its not on Lyras website yet. It is a Phenominal piece of equipment. Its about $ 1500 less than the Titan.

As mentioned earlier its not that old, and is expensive too. Not may people have it.

If you want to really save some money get the Skala, I personally ordered one and Lyra was on 2 months back order for it, so secure it as soon as you can. I did get it faster thought in a month and 10 days.