Lyra SPT and poor eyesight

Having come from LP9, which has a nice broad brush, I'm having trouble applying SPT on my new Delos. Is it advisable to substitue a larger brush, say like the LP9 brush (cleaned and sterilized of course) or is that a no no? I remember using SPT a few years ago and it didn't seem that the brush was so difficult to use. It can't possibly be that I'm getting older :)
I prefer the Lyra brush, I agree it can be difficult but good lighting helps. I also like the soft bristles as I don't feel that it can ever cause any damage.I would recommend trying to overcome and issues you have and stay with it. JMHO.
The lyra owners manual states to use their brushes. They are softer than others. I have a bottle of LP9 and that brush feels stiffer than what came in my lyra skala box.

The Lyra SPT brush (small paint brush) works the best, but you just have to careful and not use much fluid.

I'd be careful here. I think the issue will be exercising the suspension to much and over 2-3 years might not last as long...

You can always email Lyra and get a offical reply.
I hate their microscopic brush. So, I just use LAST stylus cleaner and a generic dry brush (that came with my Delos!) after every side. I've been doing this for a year without any problems.
Knowing how robust Jonathan's cantilever assemblies are, I'm certain that this smaller brush was issued to help by doing a bit of scrubbing of the cantilever.

I'll bet that Dre_J (a long-time Lyra user) or Jonathan himself can clarify.

One thing is certain - using a longer, more flexible brush can do no harm. It might not clean as well however.

Of course, if you really feel aggressive, then the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is for you, but based on your stated concerns, I don't think this is the case.

There's always reading glasses ...

Thom @ Galibier
I've decided agains Magic Eraser for this cartridge. My Helikon didn't last as long as I would have liked it to and I was pretty religious about using the ME with it. Not saying there's any connection at all, just trying a different route this time... sticking with Jonathan's method completely. I guess I'll just get those magnifying glass that you wear like glasses that I see jewelers and electronics builders wearing.