Lyra Skala - Suitable for JMW Memorial Arms

I have a VPI Aries with JMW Memorial 10.5 arm (soon to be upgraded to a 10.5i). I have just ordered one of the new Lyra Skalas, which should arrive in 2-3 weeks. On paper, at least, the Skala should be very similar to the Helikon in terms of resonance characteristics. Can anyone share their JMW/Helikon experiences? In particular, was tracking at the recommended force satisfactory?
the helikon sounded great with my HRX. I know Roy Gregory from hifi+ uses his titan in a VPI as well.

Should sound great
My pal,a former happy Helikon owner( in a different arm),has the Titan in a VPI 12.6,and is very happy.I know of another hobbyist who has the Titan and Titan mono in 12.6 arms,as well.Both Titans are the "i" designation.
Thanks very much for your answers. The comparison between the Skala and my Nightingale should prove to be most interesting.
Curriemt11: I have a Nightingale 1 on a Graham 2.2. The cleaning lady destroyed the canteleaver, so I'm thinking about an upgrade. I'll probably move to the Phantom and my cartridge choice seems to be centered right now on the a new Nightingale II or the Skala (or possibly the Titan). I won't really have a chance to audition the Skala before making a purchase. I would be very interested in your comparison of the Skala and the Nightingale.

I really liked the Nightingale, but I have been using a friend's Parnassus and am very impressed - which has stimulated my interest in the Lyra line.