lyra skala & Ekos early model is it compatible?

This combination would be for an LP12 Sondek , Lingoed ( 2nd gen) ,Cirkus'd, trampolin . Listenin to blues , rock and jazz..
I have basically the same table as you with the new Leos on it. But the dealer runs a Titan and Skala on his dispaly LP12's and they sound glorious. You can't go wrong with Lyra in my book. So is your Lingo the larger box, mine is the smaller, I am not sure what generation it is?
I would love to get the new Radikal, but $$$$.
Theo , my lingo is the Mk2, (large box). Thanks for your advice. Do to that I went on and bought the Skala. I'll let you know how it sounds in a couple of weeks.
And yes the Radikal must sound great but i agree with you $$$$. I've never heard one before have you?
I have heard it at the dealers with the EKOS SE, Keel, Urika and Lyra Titan and yep it is great but I can't tell you which of the upgrades was contributing the most to the improvemnet in sound. So i didn't listen to my rig for about 10 days to keep me from getting depressed. Good luck on the Skala I almost bought it when I bought the Kleos. It was just 400 more but I felt I was at the end of my budget as I had started out with the Delos and then stepped up spending more than I set out to. I will always wonder....