Lyra Skala

Everything I have read about the Lyra Delos is glowing. The Skala is supposed to be a better cartridge, so why has the Skala for sale here not sold? I saw a Delos I wanted, but it lasted one day and was gone.
That skala has the paper missing from the bottom. It may or may not be operating properly anymore and certainly the warranty is voided Demo or not. In the manual for all Lyra it says explicitly to not remove the paper (like a rice paper) from the underside.
The 'paper' is a dirt guard, to keep dirt, dust and grime from getting up into the coils.
I also thought the "paper" served to reduce any reflective "feedback" from the record surface as well?
I have had the Delos and now have a Kleos and without breaking out the manual or my research, I swear that I read somewhere that the "paper" serves a dual purpose.
So if the Skala in question has the paper missing, then I would think it may not only have a potential of some damage but also a different sound. Just my opinion of course.
Maybe Mr Carr can verify this.
delos on the asylum trader......
Has anyone heard both Skala and Delos in similar systems ? Considering that Delos is already considered outstanding does the Skala better it as a whole ?
Thanks for your responses. I just ordered my Delos along with a VPI Scoutmaster II with the JMW 9S arm. It's somewhere to start and it may be my last TT. Yeah-right.
Skala is now sold.
i bought the skala but i did not notice the paper was i e-mail the seller just now and i will let you know his reponse...i have not received it yet...i hope there are no problems with it,,i really dont now why they would remove the paper...thank youy guys for bringing this to my attention
i just got a responce from the seller...he told me that being a demo catridge at another store they removed the paper for display purposes and the shop owner said that it improves the sound quality(he does that on all his LYRA carts) seller also backed up the cartridge with a 3 month warrenty....he does have 100% satisfaction with his score...thnx again
Return it for a full refund if the paper missing was not disclosed in the ad. Sometimes that white paper can get dirty and make the cartridge look less appealing.