Lyra Lydian or Benz L2 for a Linn Table

I have a Lingoed Linn LP12 with a Ekos tonearm and a Linto phono amp. which is fed into an Audio Research CA-50 integrated amp. I'm looking to replace my cartridge and I've only got around $1200 to spend. Linn of course suggests their Klyde cartridge, but I haven't heard that many good things about it (see Listener mag. Vol. 3 No. 1.)

Any suggestions?
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Benz Klider (sp?) is a beautiful, reasonably priced cartridge. The clearaudio Victory also sounded good on a Clearaudio TT. Haven't heard L2 or Lydian. Have heard the Clavis on a Clearaudio and my old Simon Yorke Zarathustra. It sounded lovely. But then, I listen to classical so, take MO with many grains of salt.
I used a VdenHul grasshopper with my Linn/Ekos. Long time ago.
Good luck!
The Klyde is not bad at all...just needs expert set-up. However, I have the same anaolog gear you have and IMHO the Linto does not have enough gain for the 150uV Klyde. If you want to go the Linn route, keep in mind the Linto was designed to mate w/ the Arkiv, not the Klyde. Whtever you choose, make sure the output is more or less in line with the Arkiv's in order to have the "right" amount of output from the Linto.
I would go for the Lyra Lydian Beta. It is a great sounding cartridge which gives a glimpse of the performance from the best available. Your current arm is a good match for the Lydian. Ina ddition with loading (aboout 100-1000 ohm) you will get a very rich, open tonal balance with great extension in the bass and treble.

Note: I used the Lydian (with 100 ohm loading) with an all ARC front end (ARC PH2, LS25, VT100 mkII)
Iam a Linn owner with a Morch arm. Started out
with a Benz Glider which is a balanced unit for
the price and good for rock and group listening
when people can get a little careless. My limited
listening of higher priced Benz units (Ruby and Ref.)
suggested they were detailed but slightly cool in sound.
the Lyra is richer but not as accurate in detail. Depending
on total system, I would consider a van Der Hal unit. I got
lucky and got a customized Lyra de Capo re-tipped by van
Der Hal which is perfect for my taste. Look for a used
Lyra cart. and send it out for re-tipping.