Lyra Lydian in SME 3009-IIIS?

Hi, I want to build up a number-two vinyl gear. I have had a Kenwood KD-500 standing here for some years, I have checked it out and it runs properly. I have got a Lyra Lydian Beta tonearm cheap from a friend of mine, and has the chance to buy an SME 3009 IIIS for a reasonable price.
Will this be a good combinaton, or is the arm to light?
The Lyra has a compliance of 12 x 10exp-6 cm/dyne (100 Hz) and a weight of 8 grams.

Thanks in advance :-)

Best regards olaps
Hi, If I understand the compliance of the Lyra correctly,using the std. formula, I find a tone arm resonance of 12.49 with this cart. Most people might agree 10-14 Hz resonance, take a chance, 9-11 Hz you got a better chance that this will work out well. I noticed you havent had any responses yet and I am also learning about the series III and most people use 5 for this arm as it's effective mass. Please share your experiences with this arm, David.