Lyra Kleos vs versus the EMT TSD 15. Thoughts?

I'm considering the Lyra Kleos and the EMT TSD-15. Curious to hear from those who own or have heard the Kleos and the EMT TSD 15. They both get great reviews, though the EMT is Class A and the Kleos is Class B in Stereophile's reccomended components list. The EMT has about .5 mv higher output, so that would indicate to me that their is more wire wrapped around the coil, indicating not quite as responsive of a cartridge. Either one is going on a Michell Gyro SE that currently has an Ortofon 2M Black cartridge. Using an Esoteric E-03 phono stage with a Bryston 4B-SST amp and BP-26 preamp.
Bifwynne and pani, thanks for your responses. Bifwynne, glad to Hawt you like the Kleos. Are you glad you made the switch from the Orto 2M? I want an upgrade but want to be sure it's a real, noticeable upgrade.
@Mountin pics ... yes. IMO, I think the Kleos is a nicer sounding cartridge. But remember, taste and equipment compatibility are key considerations. In my experience, the 2M Black just didn't work well in my rig for the reasons stated above.
I totally agree with Pani.

The EMT TSDD15 needs a real gut SUT and is also best matc hed with tube equipment. I owned one for about 1 year and never liked the sound through a solid state system. I ended up selling it.

If you don't use a SUT, then stay away from this cart and get the Lyra Kleos instead, trust me, you'll regret your purchase (I did).