Lyra Kleos Repair

My sweater got hung on the stylus and I bent the cantilever on my Kleos,  It will play through both channels, but it's very distorted and sounds nasty.   Has anyone had repairs done on newer Lyra, and who should do it?


I have a Lyra Delos that needed rebuild so I contacted audioquest. The price for rebuild was more than I paid for it new. Total ripoff. I sent to Andy at the needle clinic but have not got it back yet. 

Is Andy the guy in Seattle that rebuilds cartridges at a fair price?

A great company. You get about 300€ discount for a new Kleos, when the "old" is fault. One big point for EMT.
analogluvr - How can you claim that "Andy at the needle clinic" is a better deal when you haven't received your cartridge back yet?  How do you know it will perform as good as the original?