Lyra Helikon vs Skala

Hey guys,

I know the Skala is a newer generation in design and I've heard its a little warmer. Is it worth the extra $$.

I have a Sota Star Sapphire III and SME IV.Vi with a PS Audio GCPH phono preamp. Revel Gem speakers and B15 sub with a Krell amp. The arm is brand new and hoping it will last me a long long time. The table I just got used and will probably upgrade in a couple years.

Hi I did this upgrade a few years ago. At the time I had a SME 20/2 IV.Vi arm.

Yes a lil warmer, but more resolution, more clarity/less distortion, more natural presentation. I felt nothing went backwards. Your mileage may vary (but not by much :)
Hi, a few more comments here:
I went down this route with a Rega RB 1000 more than a year ago. Completely agree with Jfrech. In every which way the Skala is a superior cart and in many respects comes close to the Titan i.IMHO the Skala is worth the extra moolah.Recently, I switched from the Skala to a Transfiguration Orpheus L.Constancy is not a virtue in this hobby.
Best of luck.
I had a Skala and when I listened to the Helikon, I sold the Skala (still have the Titan i).
The Helikon is one the the real good sounding Cartridges out there. The Balance is outstanding, better than the Skala. Good as it is, the Skala never moved me in the way, the Helikon does. The Helikon is a superb cartridge for a long time listener, it never gets boring or sharp. No Coolness and right in the tonality, linked with clear Soundstage (the Koetsu RSP is a desaster in comparison to this one), even in very complex classic recordings (LSC 2327...). Yes, I think, for the money the Helikon is a GREAT cartridge. I would buy it again.
Constancy is not a virtue in this hobby.
It most certainly is, though it's not much practiced.
Ok I've talked to some friends and one of them said the SME IV.Vi with the Helikon will be bright and that I should either go with the Argo or the Skala. With my system anyway with my Revel Gems and my Sota table and PS Audio GCPH.


I would replace the Phono Stage.
Not good enough for any of these cartridges.

I have seen you recommend, Klyne 7, Vendetta Research and I see you have modified Lamm LP2, what else is good out there, you said there were 5-6 around?
Agree with Syntax, that phono stage is not in the ballpark with the rest of your gear.
had the helikon sl and upgraded to the skala on a Sota Nova vacuum with SME V arm. The skala is a better cartridge in every department.

I had the underwood hifi modded ps gcph and the combo was very good with the above, but upgraded to the aesthetix rhea and it blew the gcph away.

one more note, i run the skala at 500 or 1k instead of 47k like they spec. Much better at these settings.

Never compared Skala to Helicon in the same system, but Skala is a superb cartridge and worthy of world's best system. However, Skala does require more effort to optimized, extremely sensitive to any changes.

I run my Skala to Einstein turntable's choice, one of the world's best phono stage out there, I have one for sale on Audiogon.
Dear Russ: Which cartridge do you own? why asking on specific to those Lyra cartridges? which ones are your music/sound priorities? what are you looking for against what you own today?

Regards and enjoy the music,