Lyra helikon or ZYX R-100 Fuji

Opinions and comments sought as to which would be the preferred cartridge,and what sonic differences? For the excercise please disregard all other considerations (cost,my system,likes etc.)

Your comment is much appreciated.

Hi Alan,

Having owned both carts..I found the Helikon exhibits very fast transients and good resolution, albeit a touch on the lean side of neutrality.

The Fuji ( mine was the FSH or the Silver coil version) was dead neutral and very open sounding. Its sound was hard to describe, as it was almost too neutral, but well balanced within the audio spectrum. It did everything pretty well and nothing wrong in my set up.

Both have decent, but not outstanding bass reproduction IMO. My Clearaudio MC is miles ahead here ( and in a few other areas as well)

Both are excellent carts at their prices both new or used when driven, set up, and loaded properly. I used a VPI Aries (orig) with JMW10 arm with the Lyra and a Aries 2 with 10 arm with the ZYX.
Kehut-great response, and thank you. Your preference?

I have heard the Argo i and liked it very much. I recognise the lean character too, but hear the speed and quality of the sound, rather than quantity alone. Have not heard ZYX, yet too some degree can anticipate the sound-maybe? Less lean perhaps,(more body?)with similar resolution?

Is the Fuji as fast and detailed as the Helikon? I really need some feedback to make some choices soon.

I think Kehut is spot on. I suppose in the end it would depend on your musical preferences.

My preference would be dependidng upon the rest of your set up. If you have a warm and rather full sounding set up..the Helikon's fast "lean of neutral" sound would compliment the system. The Helikon is not a bright sound..please dont mis-understand. I actually preferred my time with a Argo i more than the Helikon. Both have similar speed and resolution IMO, but the Hel. tends to the slight lean.

In reality, I found that the FSH was a better choice in terms of allowing you to really enjoy the music without any nagging feeling of "something missing"..thus, I would go the ZYX route again myself. The Fuji is not as fast and as resolving in the ever so slightest terms.. Although after hearing my buddy's ZYX Airy 3 directly compared to my Fuji S..I'd take that for a bit more resolution and air. Its as good IMO as the Helikon on its best day.

But, if the choice is solely between the Heli. or Fuji...I'd go the Fuji. Just my pref.
Again Kehut is spot on in his comparisons and anticipation of how they might fit with your gear. Myself I owned the Airy 3. I'd go with the Heli if I had to choose from those two only. What I think this illustrates is it's just personal preference which is why you need to decide for yourself based on your own preferences and gear.