Lyra Helikon mono TOO MUCH for VPI Scout?

got a second jmw 9 tonearm and thinking of a lyra mono cart. for vpi scout- is this a good match for dedicated mono or is the scout/jmw9 not up to the level of the lyra mono cart? any thoughts?
This is the kind of question only you can answer; I am a VPI dealer and have used the Scout myself. Will it work in the Scout? Yes. Will it sound as good as it would in the Scoutmaster or equivalent from another manufacture? No. If it were me I would upgrade the table and buy a cheaper cartridge as it is my experience that the table is the most important component in a vinyl playback system followed closely by the arm. Since I don't know the rest of your system I don't know if the Scout is a limiting factor in your system or not. A friend upgraded his Scout with a Super Platter and is very happy, it has been discontinued but you might still find one or a better platter from someone upgrading, they often appear on here. The preceding is my personal view and is to be taken as such, others no doubt will disagree.