Lyra Dorian vs unipivot tonearm

I just read something that surprised me in the Lyra Dorian manual. It says "use with pivoted or tangential tomearms with rigid bearings". To me that is saying that it's not appropriate for use with a unipivot arm such as my Graham 2.2! Anyone know anything about this?
You should really ask the manufacture or the importerof the Lyra if there is a reason not to use unipivot arms. I use a 2.2 with MC but not Lyra.
Ah, I think that is only differentiating tonearms that pivot in some fashion vs. linear trackers. The "rigid bearings" part is the key.
I may be able to extend Dan_ed's point. I had a Lyra Clavis for a long time, in different versions, and then a Lyra Titan and Titan i. My experience was that the Lyra pickups did not work well with the parallell arm I was using (Souther in the Clearaudio improved version). I had much mistracking and a general feeling the needle was skating around too much in the groove. Changing to a standard arm (Sme V) solved my problems.