Lyra Dorian load

according to lyra:
Recommended load impedance Preamp direct: 100ohms-47kohms.

A while ago someone came to visit me and we listened to my audio system. He thought it was ok but he was a bit unimpressed by my turntable. He thinks it should perform better. His thought was that my phono stage has a to high load setting. This week I found out my phono stage has a fixed load setting of 1000ohm.

Now this can be changed but what would be a good value. I was thinking of 100ohm.

Any advise is welcome.
I would think that the same person who was sophisticated enough to trace the fault to your phono stage load would be able to advise you. That aside, I've run my Argo at 100 and 200 and I thought it sounded very good at both settings.
I run my Lyra Delos @ 200 ohm - really could not tell a differnce between 100 ohm and 200 ohm. Most Lyra cartridges come with instructions onhow to claculate the load based upon arm capacitance and ICs.
To be honest I don't have a clue what the capacity of my tone arm wire of my IC is. But I guess a load of anything between 100 and 200 ohm would be ok.
Phonostages will show different reactions based on their design. there is no Standard. Phonostage A with 100Ω will sound different compared to Phonstage B with 100Ω (for example). Simply try what is possible with yours and what sounds best, that's it. My choice for Lyra 47kΩ, but not many Phonostages can do that, some sound good, some are thin and analytical. Depends on Design...
Just try.
Syntax. I wouldn't mind trying out what load would be best but I cannot change the load myself. Taking a soldering iron into my amp scares me.