Lyra Dorian issue with channels

I have picked up a new player, Denon DP59L. First had it set-up with a standard DL 110 cart, but fitted my Lyra Dorian cart yesterday. The Dorian came off of my Kenwood deck, on which it did a very nice job. However, on the Denon deck the left channel is much louder than the right channel. I have used a protractor to set the cart up, but wonder if I did something wrong? Does anyone has any similar experience and a potential solution?
Inspect headshell continuity between pins; inspect continuity of tonearm wires; verify leads are all in tact and connected properly and tight.
 Thanks four your reply and tips. I've tried it but without success. Still a difference in channels. I don't understand why it works on Kenwood deck but not on the Denon.
did you try any different standard mount headshell? did you do 'short' test? to do short test you need to measure continuity between tonearm leads to make sure that no continuity present... 
I tried it with two different headshells. I have mounted a ZYX cart on the Denon headshell yesterday, same as I used for the Lyra. The ZYX works perfect, so it must be the Lyra cart. I think i need to have the LYRA checked. The odd thing though is that it works fine on the Kenwood. Anyway, I’ll keep the ZYX on the Denon for now. Thanks again for your help and suggestions!
Looks like the problem is rather intermittent than static. Did you try Kenwood headshell with Lyra mounted on Denon?
Yes, I did. All with the same result unfortunately.