Lyra Delos vs EMT TSD 15

I heard the EMT at In Living Stereo in NYC. Very transparent. I've read good things about the Delos, and it's a bit cheaper than the EMT. Anyone have or have had both who can compare the two?
In the past I've owned mostly Dynavector cartridges and I really like the Dynavector sound but when I ordered my Brinkmann Bardo turntable, I was told that the EMT TSD15 SFL would be an excellent match for this turntable and that it's an amazing cart plus I noticed that it's listed on the Stereophile Recommended Components list, so I decided to go for it.

It is a nice cart but I'm not convinced that it's better than a Dynavector and I really haven't heard the "magic" that the dealer claimed.

So some time next summer, I may go back to a Dynavector (DV-XX2 MKII) or maybe even try an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze.

Go up to a dyna XV-1s. Then you will really hear "magic

At $5,000 for the XV-1s, I hope so...
"At $5,000 for the XV-1s, I hope so..."

They do come up on the used market every now and then here on Agon. Been
thinking about one of those for a while now myself. Seen them between
$2500.00 - $3500.00 with very low hours. I would only buy from reputable
sellers with excellent feedback.
Agiaccio if you used the "standard" EMT TSD on the BArdo I'm not surprised you didn't hear the magic. When I had my Bardo with 10.5" Brinkmann arm I used the moddified EMT Ti (titanium with specila titanium screws) cartridge and there was more magic than you could ever dream of.

Yes the "regular" EMT retails at $1900 or there abouts the modified Brinman EMT retails at $4300.

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