Lyra Delos or Transfiguration Axia or ?

Still trying to decide on a cartidge for my Basis 2200 Sig. w/Vector 4 arm. mostly Jazz. Thanks Greg
I am not familiar with the Transfiguration but had the Delos on my LP12 for a month or two. I loved it, I had had a Troika which I sold and the Lyra sound is much more open and detailed with out over analysis. I had originally thought of selling the LP12 but really can't find any other tables to demo in my area. So I invested in the Delos with an offer from the dealer to upgrade to the Kleos. Again the Lyra sound in my opinion is top notch and would be in my opinion hard to match or beat at the price point. One thing to consider is the Delos/Kleos is a all new approach for Lyra in the suspension system. Take a look at their website and read what they have done on these new carts.
Delos is pretty impressive, esp. at the price.
I'm not sure what your dilemma actually is. You're saying you have a great cartridge that you like but instead of enjoying it, you're asking us to tell you to go for something else? Hmmm...

The Delos is a fantastic cart. I understand upgrading as the system gradually improves, but upgrading for the sake of upgrading is just silly.
Actusreus....I do not have a cartridge as of yet. I ordered a Denon 103 and sold it a week later. I still have not received my TT. I am stuck in between starting with a enty level cart. vs a mid-level that is a better match with my setup.
Ooops, I read Theo's response as the original post. My apologies to the OP.

Yes, the Delos is a fantastic cart and if the numbers look right (resonant frequency for your tonearm/Delos combo), it's a no brainer. I have the Delos on my VPI Classic and listen almost exclusively to jazz and I cannot get over how good this cart is every time I lower the stylus onto the record. Simply amazing.
I agree wholeheartedly about the delos..I have been running mine in for about a's stunning-good. Light years ahead of the dynavector 17D3 I was using. I wonder how much better the kleos is - must...fight...upgrade...bug..
Thank's for all the advice, (you too Bill) I bought the Delos....but my TT does not arrive till Sept. 22. Lots of time to contemplate my next upgrade...I mean buy more lps.... lucky I'm going backpacking for 2 weeks, I'll save a ton of money!

I haven't heard the Delos, but, I am pretty confident you will like what you purchased. I've owned a Lyra Lydian and a Helikon, and I currently have a Titan. All were/are great cartridges, all are very long lasting (the Helikon is in a friend's system and it has been going strong for close to 2,500 hours of use), and built to close tolerances (cantilever/stylus straight and true, very close channel balance).

My other cartridge is the Transfiguration Orpheus L. This too is a terrific cartridge. This is the first Transfiguration cartridge that I've owned; so far, it has been terrific. I have heard the lower cost Phoenix and really liked its performance -- very lively, with the kind of midrange presence and clarity that particularly suited jazz recordings. That might be a candidate for the next step up.
I just mounted a new Delos 10 minutes ago in my SME 309 on an Avid Diva II. I have had a Dorian and recently an Argo i - and an Axia. I prefer the sound of the Lyras, although it is waay too early to say anytning about the Delos.

The Axia and Dorian were in a VPI Scout/JMW 9 turntable - and the Dorian was just so pleasant compared to the Axia.

So far the Delos has a great bass, great midrange, but a not so nice and pleasant treble, but I am sure it will come through in a few days. I am only loading it with 100 Ohm on vdH mc-501 tonearmcable - this could explain the treble...
I'm using the Delos in a new Graham Phantom II. Once fully setup the treble really settles down to a more appropriate level which is entirely natural in it's presentation. I'm not sure if mine is suffering from "low riding" syndrome but the sound is excellent and getting better as the cart runs in. For me it was also a toss up between this and the Axia. I was seduced by the engineering sales patter on the Delos.... :o)

I used to run a SME IV.Vi arm, Lyra Cart with a vDH cable. That cable is a serious weak link. I don't know if I had the mc-501 cable however. I'd recommend trying others.

Serveral should be good step ups like the Silver Breeze, several from Cardas, Kimber, Transparent and Purist.

I suspect the Lyra Delos and a SME arm is a killer combo!