Have had a Lyra Delos Cartridge for the last month and have any of you goners noticed a elevated treble, shrill thin bright sound from this Cartridge? I wish I had my HANA ML back. This Lyra sounds horrible!!!
I guess I'll end with this Jeff,

Like I already said Lyra is very responsive to the slightest changes.

The fact that, according to you:

"I had it at 470, 1k, 47k, 220, 100, 47. doesn't make a difference. shrill bright sound. junk."

makes no sense, it sounds like something isn't right.

It also sounds like you had your mind made up before starting this thread.

Good luck with your Hana.
I hope it works well with your setup.

There are any number of $500 MM cartridges that easily outperform the Hana. The Delos is a far superior cartridge but there are also moving magnet and iron cartridges that will outperform it.
I'm afraid you are right rushfan71, what we have here is a Hana fan boy.
What  $500 MM cartridges?
What $500 MM cartridges?

The question addressed to another person, but in my opinion there are many. 

Those moving magnet carts in NOS condition with genuine Stereohedron styli are not even the top models, but they are better than many MC cartridges:

1) Stanton 881s or mk2 version
2) Pickering XSV/3000 and XSV/4000

If you ask for the cheapest possible superb MM for about $350-750 the Stanton/Pickering have so many followers who can swear those Stereohedron models are great and much better (in terms of price/quality) than most of the new MM in this price.

I can also add Sony XL-50 with Boron Pipe cantilever as a great sleeper, I bought a few NOS samples over the years and compared this model to much more expensive MC carts in my system.

With $700 - 2000 budget the list of amazing MM or MI cartridges is much bigger and very few LOMC can compete with them.

I would be more interested in a cartridge I can actually buy.