Lyra Delos and Pass Labs Phono Pre

I'm seeking feedback on those with a Lyra Delos and Pass Labs Phono Pre (any will do however I'm using an XP-15) combo and what your impressions are. What do you like? What's the loading? What you may not like? Thanks.

@asp307 I have used the Delos on my XP-15 for several years.  I settled on a 250 ohm load but honestly anything between 100 and 1000 sounded fine with that combo.  I always have used the balanced outputs to the line preamp. The XP-15 is a very well behaved phono pre. It allows you to hear the differences in a wide variety of cartridges and tonearms.

@asp307 , I use the medium gain, 66db setting, which I feel gives the right amount of gain without adding a slight edge that I hear on with the highest gain setting.  
@karl_desch can you tell me any tips for cart setup? It will go on a 9 1/2 inch VPI arm, scout table. 

Nothing in particular.  Delos is easy to set up because the clearly visible cantilever and stylus. I like to use arc protractors. I generally follow Fremer’s advice about SRA at 92 degrees. For the newer Lyras it is important to nail the VTF as closely as possible to align the coils.

Enjoy and let us know how it sounds.
Thanks and will do @karl_desch, very helpful. I haven't used an MC before so looking forward to listening to the differences with MI.