Lyra Argo Question

Have Mona and Stereo Kleos Cartridges. The stereo seems to be distorting. In checking the alignment/overhang/tracking force I noted that the cantilever slants out of its round aperture with a distinct slant to the left. My mono cantilever is centered in its respective aperture. Before contacting the distributor I thought I'd check with the group. You think the slant to the left is contributing to the distortion?
Hardly used, mint condition :-)

Usually the cantilever is straight (or has to be straight).
Give it back.
That's your problem. But where's the Argo in this?
I have the Argo for many years now and still working perfectly.
I agree....cartridge is damaged.
Happen to agree with Stan (Stringreen). I have a suggestion. PM Jonathan Carr and attach some pics. Jonathan is very helpful and can best advise you on next steps. I own a Kleos, and he helped to arrange for a free adjustment and inspection in Japan. It took 6 weeks to get the cartridge back.

Btw, not sure if the cartridge is still under warranty, or if we're talking about the Kleos or the Argo. If under warranty, or practically new, that may drive next steps. Tell Jonathan Carr the story.
Apologies for asking the obvious but did you remember to zero the anti-skate before re-checking the stereo cart alignment and VTF i.e. is your cart displaying an offset angled cantilever when not in use?

You didn't say how much mileage the cart has done but the problem could be symptomatic of using too much A/S (if it's been in use for some time)?

If it really is damaged then, as others have said, Lyra tend to be very sympathetic and will tell you to ship it back immediately.
Either way, you'll get there..