Lyra Argo i or Shelter 5000?

My system comprises SME Series IV, Oracle table, Krell EVO 202/402 and B+W 801 Matrix 3.
Looking for a mid priced cartridge. Listen to Classical, Jazz, Prog Rock. Like to hear the metal of cymbals and hammer hitting piano strings, but not into too bright. Deep soundstage and instrument placement also important.
Yeh I know....i want it all.
Have short listed the above carts but would consider anything up to a max of $2000.
Any thought would be really apreciated as I am going crazy deciding and as I live on maui no chance at auditioning anything.
Many mahalos in advance...... Aloha
given your system parameters, i would go for the lush sounding Shelter 5000.
The Argo-i would be detailed, dynamic. The shelter would be warmer in the mids, more lush...
I agree with Nolitan and the above comments.
Although there is little point in my commenting on competitor's products, as regards Lyras, rather than the Argo I suggest that you may want to consider the soon-to-be shipped Delos. It is likely that you will find it a more capable performer as well as more versatile (as in easy-to-use).

Link to another Audiogon thread on the Delos.

kind regards
Many thanks for the info.
The new Delos sounds very interesting.
What is the expected price and will it be shipping in quantities?
Have you heard the cartridge and if so how would you compare it to the Argos i?
Which cartridge is it going to replace if any?
Of course you've heard it :-)
Sorry Jonathan I did not look at your user name.
Thank you very much for the input....still curious how you would describe the sound as compared to the Argo.

kindly pls tell us about the Delos sound compared to the Dorian and Argo-i ? That might be a good candidate for my next cart to purchase.

thank you.
Well I guess I will soon find out for myself.......just ordered one :-)
Hope it ships soon.
Dear Mauidj, Nolitan:

Since I don't want to discourage any Shelter owners from making additional contributions to the present thread, I think that it is best if further comments regarding the Delos are made on the separate Lyra Delos thread already on Audiogon, here:

I will post a reply there.

regards and apologies for the threadjack