Lyra and VPI Scout

Do Lyra cartridges work well with VPI Scout? I had a Benz H2, sounded horrible, could never get it to track well. I think it is defective and Benz is not handling it. I am currently using a older Benz Glider high output, tracks great, same table and alignment tool, go figure. I have a new phono preamp (Xono) that will accept all kinds of cartridge loads and liked the way a Lyra sounded on my friends old Mission table with a Mechanic tonearm. My table and that one are not in the same league but I wanted to know of anyone else is using Lyra cartridges with the Scout. I was looking at either a Delos or a Helikon. I am not sure about the compatibility with a jmw 9 tonearm.
A friend of mine had this combo for a while. It was a superb match. Actually, he had a deal at our local dealer and he just bought a VPI Classic, still with the Lyra. I heard his system two weeks ago and the sound is excellent.

I use a Lyra Titan-i on my Super Scoutmaster. Before that I was using a Lyra Skala. Both work very well on VPI tables.
It sounds like that Benz left a bad taste in your ears, however, the Ebony LP is one hell of a cartridge. The high output version is wonderful as well if you need the gain. I'm using the LP on a rim drive Superscoutmaster, and the sound is glorious.
I have a ScoutMaster with the Lyra Titan for several years, and I'm very happy with this combo.
Your Benz H2 should be deffective and probably having quite a few thousand hours.
Other than that Lyras have greater durability and better tracking qualities.
lol. There was definitely something wrong with it. The H2 and the Ace both did the exact same thing, track terribly. The Glider works perfectly. I think I received bad stock. The frustrating thing is that I told my dealer right after I got it that there was something wrong and they always insisted it was something I did or that my tonearm was not up to the task. Now I know that it was nothing that I did because i did the same thing with the Glider. I can live with the Glider, but wanted to try the Lyra because I heard one at my friends house and I was very impressed with what I heard. It sounded like REAL music.
I'm married to Lyra forever. Simply the best line of analogue carts. All of them.
From what I heard at my friends house, I may have to agree with you. I was blown away.
I'm using a Benz Wood H2 on my Classic and its fantastic. That said Lyra and VPI are always a good match...
Given my experiences with Benz, and their customer support, the chances of me purchsing another one are slim to none. Originally, My friend had an issue with the Lyra riding too low and he had another one in days. That is the service we should expect, not the run around that I received.
Lyra cartridges are quite compatible with VPI arms. Go with the Delos or Kleos over the Helikon, which is what I currently own on a JMW 10.5i. Jonathann Carr confirms that either of these models are a step up in performance over the Helikon.
I just bought a used VPI Scout with Lyra Argo cart. The best I can describe it is, literally gave me goosebumps the first time I played it. It really sounded like the VPI and the LYRA are made for each other.
I too have concluded that, after owning and using so many different cartridge manufacturer's products over the years, Lyra is my cartridge company for life. Tracking, sound, durability are all superb. They work extremely well on VPIs unipivot arms, as well as the Traveler gimballed design. Currently running Delos and Helikon carts on my VPI tables.
Wow! nice Steve, that would be my next cart when it's time to replace mine, Delos or Kleos.
I have reached the same conclusion as Steve. I am currently using a Skala and a mono Helikon. Previous to the Skala, I had a stereo Helikon. These worked wonderfully on my JMW 10.5i arm.
Wow, I have never owned a Lyra but have always been curious. Was thinking my next cart might be another ortofon because the jubilee has been nothing but superb but you guys and other feedback is curious.
Just about 3 months ago, I abought a used VPI Scout that has a Lyra Argo cart on the tone arm. I might say the sound quality is superb and as an Oppo bdp 95 owner, the VPI Scout is much clearer sounding than my Oppo. But of course I'm using my McIntosh C2300 tube preamp that has a built in MM/MC phono stage. I've never enjoyed vinyl until I got VPI Scout with Lyra cartridge.
Yes...Lyra and VPI are a good match, but so is a Benz. If you still have yours and want to make it work, describe what you don't like about it.
I don't know if it's the Lyra cart but it doesn't seems to have good bass, mids and highs are like realistically crystal clear but my low end are kind of weak. Maybe it's just me or should I try the Benz?
I'm using a kleos sl with a classic 3, wondering if I should add damping fluid, anyone know?
Hi Jeff...If your cartridge isn't tracking well, sometimes damping fluid helps. Drop in 1 drop of the fluid - if it sounds better to you, drop another, test again, and another. There will come a time when the last drop deadens the sound. Remove that last drop and you're good to go. If that doesn't help, clean the area of damping fluid with a Q-tip. The Classic series normally has very good bass. You should use a very solid table to rest the turntable. I like to replace the VPI feet with Bearpaws (very large, solid brass cones)....very big improvement (especially in the mids, but an all around improvement). Double and triple check all your arm adjustments...make positive, your Classic is level. Almost every time I check MY arm I can make it a smidge better...well worth the trouble. You also may try lowering the rear of the tonearm, but be sure so readjust all your arm adjustments. I use a Benz, because FOR ME, it has a more "earthy, solid" sound. That is a personal evaluation though....try playing around with the Classic to more accomadate your likes before spending money on a new cartridge.
Jeff, I have a Kleos mounted on a Classic 3 arm. I think the performance is superb, sans damping fluid. Check and double check your settings. I initially set VTA at 90 degrees, then made some minor VTA on the fly adjustments. As I recall, I raised the toochus (Yiddish for ass) up a little, which would accentuate the highs just a tad. Btw, how many ohms have you loaded the cartridge with? You should go by ear, but I seem to like 200 ohms the best.
Btw, one last thought. If you search the Forum for threads about SoundSmith cartridge/VPI JMW tone arm compatibility, many members have commented that there seems to be a special synergy with the two products.

For example, the VPI Zephyr is a great match. I like the Zephyr very, very much. But as I said above, I think the Delos and Kleos sound better. Having said that, Peter Ledermann/SoundSmith also sell the Paua for $3800. Many members have posted fabulous reviews about the Paua. Just recently, one member posted that Peter is working on a specially modified Paua called the Legend. The Legend is supposed to be designed to mate particularly well with the VPI JMW arm. So keep a heads up.