Lynx AES16e

Does anyone know if the Lynx AES16e cable has a coaxial SPIF output as well as the AES/EBU? It looks like on their website that there is a BNC connector included in their HD26 to XLR AES I/O cable.

My DAC only has a SPIF or BNC connection and no AES/EBU.

No, it does not. The BNC is for inputting or outputting a word clock signal, which may be necessary in some applications to synchronize with other cards or external devices.

Some of the other Lynx cards offer SPDIF compatibility, although there are other differences between them and the AES16e that may or may not be suitable for your purposes. You may also want to consider an AES/EBU to SPDIF converter. B&H Photo Video has a selection of them in various price ranges.

-- Al
Almarg, Thanks for the advice!
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