Lyngdorf with Maggies

Hi all. Apologies if this has already been discussed.  I have a room that's too small and, other than adding carpet, doesn't lend itself to treatments. Wondering if anyone has experience running this case 1.6, with the Lyngdorf 2170. 
Any thoughts welcome.

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I would think the 3400 would be more appropriate with the Maggies. I don't know if maybe the Lyngdorf does not like low Impedence or hard to drive speakers but it did fantastic things with my Tektons with room perfect. Did not sound right at all with some Dynaudio C20s and was just so so with some Focals. YMMV. Also made a pair of old Cerwin Vegas sound way better than they had a right to but was underpowered at higher volumes. It was like it was trying to do the right thing but ran out of gas. This was noticeable at lower volumes with the Dyns. I think it's nearly unbeatable if you have the right combo or maybe I just got lucky with the Tektons. I always wondered if the 3400 would be the ticket and maybe I will find out one day on my new speakers.
Funny with the Tektons I had about 18% room correction if I remember correctly, with the old vega dx9s it was like 80+ % same room same position but it made them sound totally coherent without taking away their Vega-ness.