Lyngdorf TDAI 2170??

Users that have had experience with the Lyngdorf 2170 can you please chime in on your experience? I am seriously considering this amp . Here is my current set up : 

Marantz PM-11S1 Integrated Amp
Tekton DI SE's 

It is very very good unless your speakers are too inefficient. While the amp section is very good it's room perfect that makes the difference IMO. 
How is your room? Treatments, small, large, shape? The worse your room is the more attractive the Lyngdorf will be. 
mofojo : the room is kinda big and slightly treated , I made some sound panels but it needs help for sure ...I've heard great things about the 2170 from another trusted AG member....not sure about the EQ presets....the 3400 has manual EQ ... thanks ! 
Room Perfect will certainly tighten up the sound and the 2170 is really good with standard DIs I own. With room perfect off my DIs sound kind of diffuse by comparison with room perfect on. Kinda sounds like a big pair of headphones with room perfect engaged. I don't notice it quite as much on slower music but when things get busy there is a very obvious difference. 
If you have a sub or are ever thinking about one the Lyngsorf has provided the best sub integration I've been able to achieve in my room. Nothing class D sounding about the Lyngdorf. 
Do you have a local dealer? I will highly recommend Tony at Ellington HiFi.