Lyngdorf - New System

I’m looking for input/thoughts on a new system. I’m planning on setting up a small 2nd system in a condo. The condo is about 1,000 sq ft with floor to ceiling glass on two walls. The floor and most of the ceiling is concrete (some drywall with different elevations). I will have a couple of large rugs on the floor. I’m planning on getting a LG 77" oled (not sure of which model - C9, CX, or GX). For audio I’m planning on using a pair of Magico A3’s that I already own. I would like to keep the system clean and simple. My current (primary) system is analog and I’m thinking about making the jump to streaming with the condo system. I thought a Lyngdorf may be a good solution - but unsure.  I'm only going off what I have read.

I want to have the tv audio run through the 2.0 system (no sub - condo life) and use the dac built in the Lyngdorf. I don’t know which Lyngdorf unit would be best suited for this set-up. Additionally, I don’t know if this system will be satisfying. I have not heard a Lyngdorf system and don’t have the availability to readily hear one. I haven’t seen anyone comment on the synergies or lack there of with a Lyngdorf and Magico mating. If the combination is a good one - thoughts on speaker cables?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Since noone has chimed in that has those products which Lyngdorf were you thinking of? Magicos are not considered an easy load. Where you thinking room correction would help with all that glass? I have an Anthem STR integrated with ARC that does a good job nice smooth sound. Its Class A/B should have the power for the Magico. 200 w @ 8ohm , 320 w @ 4 ohm. My speakers are Joseph audio Perspective graphene 2. 
The difficult room is exactly why I thought Lyngdorf.  Concrete, drywall and glass have to be about as bad as it gets.  As for model I think the TDAI-2170 would work, but again I'm not sure.  I have read a few have preferred it's sound over the 3400.  I guess the biggest thing is I haven't heard any Lyngdorf systems and have no idea how it would mate with Magico.  The nearest dealer is about 5 hours away.  
I had tried Lyngdorf 2170 with Lansche 4.1 and Vaughn Cabernet speakers.

It worked pretty well with latter but not with the former too bright sounding.

Now I use Line Magnetic 508 SET with former.

But it has lot of presets in addition to room perfect function.

Thus you can apply those presets depending on music and your mood to fine tune the sound.

Room perfect make speaker sound more transparent and deeper soundstage.

It is going to spare lot of space since you do not need Dac, pre, Power ampss.

2170 has no streaming function but you can get Cocktail Audio X30 which can store ripped CD and do streaming.

But you never know until you try 2170 with your Magico A3 in your room

If you are not sure, then one way is to get used one.

Even if you do not like it, you can incur less loss at selling used one.

I also got two year old used one but it had been working fine for another two years.

FWIW I just bought one and am returning to an SET. It's a pretty amazing amp combo but not what I was looking for for my set up. 
This is the one I bought and I'll be listing it for $2300 (what I paid) soon, minus the microrendu.
Thanks for the insight.  I was originally thinking to get a Luxman integrated but I figured that may not be the best route as the room is so difficult.  The Luxman would likely end up being nice sounding equipment in a bad sounding room that still equals bad sound.  That's why the Lyngdorf is appealing to me.  Although (based upon what I have read) the Lyngdorf may not create superior sound vs the Luxman, however, in this room it might result in superior sound due to the room correction software.  Again, based upon what I have read, the Lyngdorf likely has the best room correction software.
ARC, REW, Dirac are just as good if not better than lyngdorf’s. If you want a Luxman get a miniDSP with Dirac for room correction.
I didn't realize the 1120 was actually out.  Glad you like it.  I'm afraid the 1120 wouldn't have enough oomph to drive the A3's.  I'm actually concerned if the 2170 has enough.  I wish the 2170 had the complete built in streaming like the 1120.