Lyngdorf /McIntosh/Sonus Faber Home Theater / Music Room

I am considering selling all my McIntosh and Sonus Faber olympica 1 and jl e112s to go with the Lyngdorf amp-50/ TDAI 2170/ Mh-2/ and the BW-2 . The McIntosh is the mx 151 and the mc501s plus a McIntosh multi channel for the complete home theater.  I also have a phono player and that’s why I need both Lyngdorf systems for home theater and stereo. Any input on sound quality , sound stage , etc  would be appreciated . I have not found to many reviews.... would the Lyngdorf speakers completely disappear in the room ...thanks 
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The Lyngdorf 2170 is the finest single piece of audio gear I have ever owned. It replaced over $16,000 worth of separates. Use it as intended with no additional dac or amp etc.....amazing piece.