Lyngdorf Customer Service

Anyone has any experience with Lyngdorf customer service?    I realize they are in Denmark which creates language and time zone barriers but they offer no telephone number or direct email on their website. There is a contact us option. I sent two request through it and both have gone unanswered. Great sounding amps but if one ever needs to contact the company looks like you’d be out of luck. Maybe they expect everything to be handled through the dealers?  What if your dealer goes out of business (not uncommon).  Please share any experience you’ve had. 
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I had my volume control go out (bought a new unit from an individual seller on usamart) and they were quick to respond and offer to cover shipping costs back to the factory for repair. Fortunately a software reset fixed the problem, but they still offered an indefinite warranty if the problem ever came up again. Seemed like quality support, especially given that I hadn't purchased from a licensed dealer. Also, warranty follows the unit/SN, so it's transferable...
Thanks. Did you go through Lyngdorf directly or through a dealer to get issue resolved.  When was this incident?  How did you contact them (there no phone number listed on their site). I have demo unit from a dealer and love the sound quality. Submitted two help tickets through Lyngdorf website with not even an auto response saying they received the message. It’s been almost a week.  I had questions about the menus trying to set up speaker crossovers.  Scary thought if the unit actually failed with such an expensive item and not being able to get a response from manufacturer.  
They sent me a replacement bòard for free and shipped it using a 3 day service.  They also responded to online inquiries on several occasions. 
If you purchased from a dealer, demo or not, that dealer is obligated to provide assistance with service.  That is one of the things you pay for when you purchase from a professional seller.  Contact your dealer, not the company.  And just FYI, many companies expect you to handle service through dealer.  That's why they give the dealers a higher markup. Use the service you paid for. 
All conversations for me went through their email (from the website). Seemed prompt and responsive at the time.  Didn't actually end up needing any equipment help, so unfortunately I can't comment further...
I think either the contact us form on their website was not working or they just wasn’t checking it for a few days. When I emailed directly to the [email protected] they did respond promptly. The dealer I’m working with says they are responsive. Based on this and the fact that I like the sound quality of the amp so much that I decided to take the plunge