Lyngdorf CD1::Can it compete with Rega Saturn-R?

First, the Lyngdorf CD-1 has been discontinued, but gets very good reviews for build quality and performance. Has anyone owned this player?? and familiar with its sound. It is made in Denmark and retailed for $2895

I am curious if can compete in sound quality to the new Rega Saturn-R CD player which retails for $2995. I have no interest in computer audio or ripping CD files, so the Lyngdorf may be a better choice if I can buy it for under $1000, and because its performance is focused on playback sound quality. Thanks to all
Both are quality built kits that do compete. Which you may like is entirely dependent on how it sounds in YOUR system cuz system synergy matters.

(1) I have auditioned the Saturn many times and I am a fan.
(2) I've not heard the lyngdorf.
(3) In fairness I am also biased in that I personally bought the REGA ISIS Valve CDP.

(4) However ....Here's the extract from a consumer review who has heard them both.

Submitted by multihifi user a AudioPhile
Date Reviewed: January 12, 2011

Bottom Line:
unike sound.
Very precise in timming. (you can hear that is because of the built in DAC)
And good overall structure.

It´s one of the better choices for the asking price.

But this thing can only replace things that cost less than about 1-2000 dollars.

I don´t like that the sound is soo overly cold and scandinavian in a very clinical mp3 upsampled way.
It is a tiny bit to bright and harsh and is totally 2 dimensional.

It is in other words totally digital in sound, and does therefore seem slightly depressing if you listen to it alot.

It´s a steal for around a 1000 dollars, but for around 2000 you could still get a lot better player like for example quad and rega saturn.

I find that most people that choose this player simply are accountants or lawyers or not very nerdy people who don´t understand audio, but believes that everything sound better in a digital way :-)
(that is of cause just my opinion) ..."
Aka ca. Thank you for the information; I did see the review you provided online. There are several negatives in this review that will steer me away from Lyngdorf. On the other hand. the reviewer's mention of the Saturn has to be the previous model. and not new Saturn-R

Did you audition the new Rega Saturn-R. If so, could you provide your impressions of its sound quality?? The Rega Isis is a great player, but beyond my price range.

As far as the Saturn-R, I personally think it is over priced. It would be more viable a player at $2495 or even $1995. Unfortunately, I think Rega following the lead of other manufacturers tricked this player out to do major service in computer audio. My interest is mainly in exceptional playback quality because I have an a large CD collection

There was a used VGC Saturn-R for sale on AG a few days ago for $2195; I offered $1700, but was declined. BTW, did you ever audition the Ayre CX-7e mp2?? Many of our members claim that it is one of the best players under $10,000. Thanks for your input.
I sold Lyngdorf ( Tact) in the past. It is one of the most
overrated brands I ever audioned and sold so far. Reasons
are very clear and simple:

- sound is not very natural, it is more clinical. In real
instruments like a violin sounds so much different.

- even the physical image of instruments and voices is
between average and poor.

- and yess it is 2 dimensional.

Last year I did a presentation at a big audio show. I was
called the absolute sound be several different people. I
visited the Lyngdorf demo. it was by far the worst of the
show. Many people talked later about the worst demo. People
remember it.

* You must be a fool to buy it. For me it is difficult to
understand why you would want to buy this!!
In the $4k price range, the (now discontinued but still very much in demand) BRYSTON CDP is the one that I would look at as being on my short list along with the Saturn.

Yes I have heard the new Saturn cdp it and IMO is still at the top of my list
The issue is that a particular player will sound differently in different systems .

The AYRE is also a very fine piece - in its price range there are no bad players, But to express it as "best of breed" in the $10k strata .... Not-so-much IMO.

it's strictly a case of finding a player that works best in YOUR system. Just because one sounds good in a demo system is no assurance that it will perform in yours.

One thing that I would caution on is to be skeptical of raw $$ as a measuring tool and actually audition the kit itself independent of the price tag. It is precisely for this reason that the SATURN sits at the top of my suggestion list as the Goliath killer that performs way above its weight class.
Bo 1972, Thank you for the comments. Happily I am not a fool and have decided to pass on the Lyngdorf. I don't know if you have been doing high audio for many years, but occasionally even the most astute "philes" lose their minds and judgment looking for something exotic and yet a giant killer. The reasons are many, but I won't bore you with musings about them But thanks, you probably saved me about $1000 or so

Akg-ca, I assume you were referring to the Bryston CDP-1. I think there is/was one for sale on AG this week. Nevertheless, I may have an unfounded prejudice against Bryston, having heard some of their separates combos a few years ago, and not being impressed. Also, and I have read this before about that Bryston, the CDP's are a bit bright. Nevertheless, I will check it out. I think even used, they demand too much money..

My feelings about the Ayre CX-7emp2 is based on many positive testimonials and endorsements by members and very solid reviews in TAS and Stereophile. In all honesty, I think the player is overpriced at a retail of $3500. Yes, it looks nice and is solidly built....but as you noted I could take a new or used one home and it might sound mediocre in my system or only marginally better than the Rega Apollo which has survived in my system for 6 years. I doubt that would be the case, but audio is a crap shoot much of the time.

Before, I owned a Sonograph Beta( vintage 1988),and moved to the Rega Apollo after 18 years of allegiance to the Sonographe....(without a doubt the Rega was a major upgrade). So I have owned two player over 26 years; I am sure this is laughable to many members, who are working on their 5 or 6 CDP.

The Ayre is appealing to me because it is less of a cucukoo clock loaded with computer audio electronics. Unfortunately, the new Rega Saturn-R is. Nevertheless, I might wind up with the Saturn-R if I can't score a Ayre Usually, the used ones require one or two upgrade by Ayre. The "MP" upgrade is supposedly the most dramatic improvement in sound

I think Rega needs to do some remarketing of its products. You don't hear much about this, and maybe it is only rumor, but Apollo-R was a bust for them. About a year ago, before AG changed formats, you could find as many 8 of these players on sale. A few as low as $600, the average 750 ($1095 was the retail) I heard the Apollo R in a local store, and it sounded good, but was not a large upgrade over the original Apollo. Which again leads me to the conclusion true or false, that the Saturn R is overpriced when compared to the earlier Apollo-R, IN THE SAME WAY THAT THE ORIGINAL SATURN WAS OVERPRICED COMPAREd TO THE ORIGINAL APOLLO WHICH MUST HAVE sold ALMOST TWICE THE AMOUNT OF players. Regardless, thank you for your advice. Jim
You have to judge audio for all parts it can give. It
doesn't matter what it costs. Audio is about realims in
sound and in quality. That is why I say: the best sound
always wins.

I judge audio ( every single set) for which parts are there
and which ones are missing. I use the word: Total Sound.
Everything needs to be there for the best sound. Many sets
are often incomplete.

goodluck and have fun
Some drive Fords, some drive Chevys

As far as the Bryston cdp is concerned, I base my positive comments on first hand experiences only and not on any of good reviews . Favourable Reviews are just the source reading information for me used to personally go and actually audition.

I've auditioned it numerous times personally at the dealers and one of my best friends has it in his high-end system that I listen to frequently .

My personal listening experiences are very favourable - detailed, dynamic, open, lots of slam, ..... Top shelf equipment performance wise and built like a tank like all the Bryston products. IMO , highly recommended to audition.

Again system synergy matters - big time ..... So some drive Fords and some drive Chevys. For me, it was the Rega Isis valve cdp as my best choice, FWIW.
Jim, re the Bryston CD player, I've owned a BCD-1 for five years, and IMO Akg has characterized it perfectly. And regarding the brightness allegations you mentioned having read, I can say that at least in my system (via both Daedalus speakers and Stax electrostatic headphones), and on well engineered high quality recordings (especially classical recordings, which comprise most of my listening) its tonal balance seems exactly right.

I don't know what they go for currently, but FWIW I paid $1700 for a used one here at A'gon, five years ago.

Good luck in your search. Regards,
-- Al
The Mid and reference class REGA players differ from many cdps in that they are both players AND hi-end DACs .You can stream your external HD digital tunes through the USB input right through the remote) that use only top-shelf components and class leading power supplies that is built like a tank. We all know that high-end build quality costs more.

There is an inalienable tenet in this hobby we all fall subject to: you get what you pay for.

For those who don't like the REGA signature sound and performance and price, .... No worries ...cheerfully .understood .....but their sales are doing fine and are product highly sought in most places around the globe.

I live in Toronto, I enjoy AGON, but it is only one of several audio forums I frequent daily; and its forum posts are just a section of the bigger hobby arena forums that are matched by the opinions expressed in its peers.

Without prejudice to the former comments, a Bryston or DCS, Densen, Sim Audio, Cyrus, Meridian, Esoteric, older LINN, AYRE, Naim, or Mark Levinson could be " the one". It is a crowded arena of very fine competing products out there with no illusory "best".

I will be the first to emphasize that:

(1) there is no replacement for actual personal auditions . Reviews are first step screening guideposts only. There are too many types that buy without stress testing the kit first, and if system synergy is lacking, they re-sell the newer units passed on here in AGON and elsewhere.
(2) AlLL these posted forum comments are just ALL heavily biased personal value judgements at best; that have no assurances that these forum testimonials of particular personal favourite kit will actually work well in your system - system synergy matters, big time.

That is why any search in this hobby is a journey and not a destination .
Good luck.
Agreed Sunnyjim-

I do like the newest Saturn-R spinner. I also concur that the price should be closer to $1995.00. Still, the player has a killer DAC for the computer audio crowd. I know this was Rega's angle to capture both formats. Happy Listening!