Lyngdorf 3400 amplifier for Maggie

I am purchasing a new pair of beautiful Maggie speakers for my home gym.  I like to work out with my wife and she says my physical condition motivates her and makes her become strong like an animal.
i prefer tube amp but I know the Maggie’s would require large amps and because of the gym setting am considering NAD but someone said to get the Lyngdirf because it is powerful and has room right capability and sounds like tube amp even tho it’s not tube amp.  I see many people use this amp and want to know if it’s keeper or fad digital junk that I end up burning out after my heavy metal workout.
thank you    
I am a new Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 owner. I can't answer your question directly but I can provide some insight. Hopefully it is still relevant.

Over the years I have had Magnepan 1.6 and 3.6 speakers, powered by McIntosh 402, MC501, and Parasound Halo A21 amplifiers. I love Maggies, Maggies love power, and those amps handled them beautifully. All of that gear is now gone, replaced by Spatial Audio M1 (highly efficient open baffle) speakers, a Pass Labs XA30.5 amplifier and NAD M51 DAC. A glorious combination, extremely highly regarded almost universally.

But lately I became intrigued with the all-in-one streamer/DAC/amp units coming out - especially the Lyngdorf, with its Room Perfect room correction software. Based on some nice reviews, I contacted a dealer - Neal Van Berg at Sound Science. He was super helpful and allowed me to demo (in my home) a TDAI-3400. I can tell you that thing is not going anywhere. The more I go back and forth between the Lyngdorf and the Pass/NAD combination, the more time I spend listening to the 3400. The Pass and NAD might wind up here on Audiogon sooner than expected.

Although I haven't subjected the TDAI-3400 to a tough load like the Maggies, I strongly suspect it will be up to the task beautifully. I think this bodes well for you and your wife.

BTW - if you haven't pulled the trigger on the Maggies yet, take a moment to check out ( am not affiliated with them - just a very happy customer). Lots of ribbon and electrostatic former owners have gone open baffle.