Lyngdorf 2170 + 2400 Bi-wired

Hello all, 

I’ve read some wonderful reviews and impressions of the Lyngdorf amps here. It’s certainly something I’d like to pull the trigger on. Has anyone bi-wired the TDAI 2170 with the SDA 2400 where the 2170 handles the high frequencies and the 2400 handles the lower frequencies? I’d be pairing this with B&W 805 D3 speakers who love a bit of power. I’d also be hooking up my OLED TV to the 2170 through the HDMI option, adding a node 2i with the optical input and hooking in my Dali E9F subwoofer. Would love to hear views from users/owners of these amps!
As Lyngdorf 2170 owner I recommend this.

Use speaker output of 2170 for high frequency.

2170 has high pass function to adjust crossover point if you go through the manual.

You do not need to get 2400 but I recommend Crown XLS 2502 which can be fed through analog output of 2170.

You can set low pass on it.

Hi shkong 78, 

that’s a really interesting option. But the thing is, I have a space issue so one of the main reasons (besides Roomperfect & HDMI input option) to get the Lyngdorf amps is their small footprint. Also, curious: Why do you suggest the Crown XLS 2502 over the SDA 2400?
Crown XLS 2502 has also small footprint.

When I use it to drive power hungry Raal Sr1a headphone, I got impressed with speed and clean treble.

Now I am using two XLS2502  bridged to drive two Scaena 18 inch subwoofers.

Thus I recommend Crown instead of 2400.
I’m getting a good deal on the 2170+2400 combo. I did read quite a few members here talk about it. Would be interesting to know their impressions of the combo. From what I understand, it’s pretty awesome. Is this true?