Lvnson 39,Wadia 850, Merid 508.24 best?

I have narrowed down my choices to one of these three players (I would also consider the 860) I haven't been able to compare them head to head as I sort of live in the boonies and the nearest shops have the players but at diffrent places. Any advice from those in the know would be appreciated.
Mike, I have a 508.24 and love it, so naturaslly I give credence to your comments! I'd also like your thoughts on a purchase. I will have two primary systems, one is two-channel and the other will be home theater/audio. TWO-CHANNEL:I want the two-channel system to have CD-playback capability at least equal to that of the 508.24. Given all the 16/44 CDs I own, I'm willing to spend a fair amount of money on a player just for old-fashioned discs. I'd be satisfied with a used 508.24, but if there's something noticeably better, I'd audition it. SACD or DVD-A capability is not a priority BUT if such a unit also excelled at playing 16/44 discs I'd want to consider it. I'd be happy just using my existing 508.24 in this system, but if I do, then I need help on the other system. HOME THEATER/AUDIO. I need DVD capability but until formats and technology settles down, I'd be happy with video performance equal to, say, a Pioneer 414. I also want audio performance on 16/44 discs that is at least 95% of that of a Meridian 508.24. I could buy one DVD/VD unit, or separate ones. Stereophile rates the CAL CL20 as Class A for video and not quite Class A for audio. I think I want better sound than that. (CAL will have a replacement model in the spring but I know nothing about it.)Ayre makea a combo unit but it's pricey. If I did separates, then maybe it makes sense to get a Pioneer 414 for DVDs and a used Meridian 508.24 for music. That's only about $3000. In that price range, though, you may convince me that I ought to consider a combo unit with new technology, like the SACD. Sorry for the amorphous questions, but I think you can help me.
The best kept secret is the Proceed cd (produced by the maker of Mark Levinson 39).Better sound then the 39, but at half the cost.
I would go with either the Levinson or the Wadia. Either way you can't go wrong. Being that you can go straight into the amplifier without a preamp, the 39 and 850 are definitely in another league compared to the 508.24 (which needs an analog preamp).
I SAY THE RESOLUTION AUDIO CD-50 IS BETTER THAN ANY OF THESE. The Levinson is similar, but it costs too much. Wadia's filter rolls off the top octave 3 dB. You can't drive a power amp directly with the Meridian, so it's less transparent any way you slice it. GET A USED CD-50. Mine knocks on the door of my more expensive analog rig. The MIT Z-Cord 2 works best with it, and also the Chang Lightspeed 6400.