Luxman turntables

I have owned a PX-100 Luxman direct drive table since the mid 80's. I am curious to know if anyone can tell me ... how good a table is this? I keep toying with the idea of "trading up" and my gut says, "don't, you have the right table!" Help please?
You have a great table..wait till it goes caput, and then spend way too much to get the same performance.
I owned the PX-100 in the mid to late 80's.I would welcome it back today!
Your wish can be granted with a mere pitance in audiophile terms Trans.
Luxman PX-100
I'm sure it can! I saw a beautiful PD 284 listed on A-Gon today and I was tempted.I just sold a Thorens TD 166 MK. II and gave a nice Dual 1019 to a friend.I've also recently(within the past year)sold a VPI Scoutmaster and a VPI HW-19 Junior.I have three Dual CS 5000 tables and an Acoustic Signature Manfred table.

It feels good to be down to 4 turntables.I was stockpiling them,but reality has set in.I think the tables I have will outlive me!
I know what you mean Trans. I'm down to three from over fifteen myself.
Did you click on the link?
Thank you folks, I guess what I thought was a good purchase in 1986 turned into a great purchase today.
I did see the table and it looks beautiful! Just the way I remember mine! I purcased mine from Tech Hi-Fi to go along with my Luxman integrated amp & tuner at the time.I also had the Luxman servo-face receiver and matching cassette deck.