Luxman Tuner to buy


Would radio enthusiasits here - which will be a great Luxman Tuner to buy - to connect a Class A Luxman amp ? I know they are not manufactured anymore - but of the lot - which was the good model ?

Thanks !
go to, which has a whole page on luxman tuners and is ground zero for tuner reviews.
I am surprised that there is anything worth listening to on FM anymore...not in my area...never turn it on.
thanks loomijohnson....I found the discussion after posting this - sorry about having done that.

Plenty info indeed available - and thank you!
Luxman T-4 tuner in my system continuously since 1980. 40,000 plus hours & still going strong & sounding great. Fortunate to have a first class FM station in my area (WMNR FM), tuner on for hours most days.
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I use an awesome  Luxman L-110 that was modified by Don Scott, though it was awesome before the mods...
mwinkc - this member send me a mail THROUGH audiogon... - but I cant see his post here!

Well just that I be clear - I am after a silvery / brushed aluminum finish of the Luxman for the tuner and not the black finish as n TP-114 - so I have turn down mwinkc's offer.