Luxman T88v Tuner - How do I replace the lamps and with which ones????

I have 3 or 4 lamps out om y T88V tuner ( ones on the meters are working and on in the top left corner.

So apparently the lamps are just out as the others are working. ;-)

I did open the unit and saw the backs of the lams across the top, question is do they pull out from the back???

Or do I have to remove the face plate and go in from the front?

Next question what replacement bulbs does this use? Please I prefer stock over LED.

Here is what I found so far about what lamp it takes

12v capless panel bulb type 286

2mm x 4.5mm
Still looking, joined the group mentioned and got nowhere
Lamps above are not correct either, Im told it uses a lamp with leeds attached