Luxman T-117 Tuner

Need some performance input on Luxman T-117. This is a digital tuner that got strong reviews in Sterophile about 11 years ago. It is a vintage piece that supposedly "speced-out" better than Magnum Dynalab FT-11. Is the sound smooth, and how good is it in picking up long distance and/or fringe stations. Thank you, Jimbo
I have a Luxman 5T50 that I am comparing A-B to Rotel RT990BX Tuner and Harmon K TU 9200 Tuner and ADS-R1 Reciever and the Lux is the best of the 4 with the Rotel 2d, HK 3d and ADS last. Also comparing A-B to various cd players (Naim, Rotel 10, Cambridge 640, and Pionier CDR) and it loses but still in comparison is not bad, so I have to conclude that this statement must to be wrong: "... 5T50 was one of the worst sounding tuners in Lux history." Not possible.
I have the Luxman T-117 tuner and owned the Magnum Dynalab 101. I sold the Magnum Dynalab. The T-117 blew it away. Best digital tuner I ever heard. It works well with the Magnum Dynalab Silver Ribbon Antenna. Wide sound stage and low sonic distortion. This tuner has everything that's good in an analog tuner with the convenience of a digital tuner. 

The Luxman T-117 Tuner is an impressive sounding tuner especially for the money. I had played the Tuner game spending all sought of money including the expensive Accuphase T-109, Tandberg 3001A, Magnum Dynalabs Etude, to name just a few that I’ve owned. This took me to the conclusion that the Luxman T117 Tunet is a World Beater and an absolute steal for the money. Just an overall great tuner.