I am getting a Luxman T-117 shortly. Has anyone who owned one ever had the cause to replace the memory preset battery if so where can I get one. Or does it carry a capacitor instead.
My Quad 44 had a battery which I had replaced with a cap; easier to replace and no chance of battery leakage.
thanks for the info I guess I will have to open up the tuner when it arrives. How do I know what kind of cap and value to use. I am not sure if the technician even knows because all he does is to diagnose and replace defective parts
My tech did the work and came up with the idea; I don't know if the same value will work on yours. Sorry no more help.
Thanks again. Would you by chance have his email address. Maybe I could drop him a line. I live in Trinidad & Tobago and these Techs overhere are not versed in these type of electronics
You might want to contact Joseph Chow. He is an expert with tuners.