LUXMAN SQ-N100 owner manual and tubes ??

Can someone scan the owner manual and send me a copy,please? I try without luck NA distributor and Luxman in Japan don't answer.

Also recommendations to try other tubes with this gorgeous integrated? I swap all of them with Genalex Gold Lion.It is definitely a step up but curious to know what options do I have with NOS tubes?
Did you buy this from an authorized seller? Which tube does it use?
Yes and use Luxman tubes which to my understanding are Russian Sovteks but each tube is marked luxman.

Here is plenty of info for NOS tubes,

Just click on 12AX7 (ECC83), 12AU7 (ECC82), and 6BQ5/EL84 in the yellow box.

Though I have never purchased, I've been told and read on this forum that he is a very reputable tube dealer.
Thanks,case CLOSED. :-)
Received manual.