Luxman SQ-N100

I was thinking of buying one of these amps. It is EL84 and produces 10W per channel into 4 and 8, 12 into 6. I have heard it and I liked it - in fact it was very nice. It has a phono stage, and a remote control for listening at night and turning down without getting out of bed. I took my speakers (c.1994 Rogers LS2a/2 and 1970s direct drive Technics turntable) into the store. I found I needed to turn it up - to between 11 and 1 o'clock. at 3 oclock I got some clipping. Also, on some records the treble was too bright but changing from Ortofon Bronze MM to Sumiko Pearl fixed that (I took an extra headshell). The Rogers are rated as 8Ohm with speaker recommendation 25-100W. So is buying this amp a mistake? Is it too underpowered for my speakers? Should I look solid state instead?