Luxman SACD player to VITUS AUDIO polarity mismatch

Hi my Luxman D08 SACD player  is PIN 3 hot  where the Vitus amps are PIN 2 hot . What manner of skull duggery or the black arts can help me here, . Sometimes I hear the improvements when I use RCA out from Luxman : more localised vocals more taut bass. First world problems . I note on some of their more recent stuff Luxman was kind enough to have a polarity switch on their gear . Thanks for any advice 

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This is a little odd. Are you sure?

In any event, the standard is for the destination device to have a polarity switch, not the source.

Your solutions are:
  • Swap speaker terminals,
  • Get cables and or adapters to do the swap for you. They do exist off the shelf.

The first is cheapest. :)

Here's a simple solution, you can try it just to see if you like it, then decide for something more expensive: