Luxman releasing a MC cart in Japan

For the first time in 40 years Luxman is releasing in March the LMC-5 MC cart. The last carts Luxman made was in 1981 the LMC-1 and 1982 the LMC-2. It has a Shibata Diamond needle. Price 230,000 yen convert that to USD about $2100. Curious did anyone use the Luxman LMC-1 or 2. What were they like?
I bet Chakster has some info on those. If you shop the stores in Tokyo, you see Luxman very prominently. The brand is highly regarded and rightfully so.
There's not much info, but it seems LMC-1 and LMC-2 were interesting cartridges. At the time LMC stood for Linear Magnetic-field Coil and not for Luxman Moving Coil as would be the more obvious assumption. Both were low output / low impedance as was the norm in those days. (0.1mV for LMC-1; 0.2mV for LMC-2). The LMC-1 had a line contact tip on sapphire cantilever (from Namiki by the looks of it), LMC-2 a similar tip on a titanium cantilever. I've never figured out who was the designer. Haven't heard either, but would like to some day.

The new LMC-5 looks a bit like the Ortofon A90/95 with the 'hole in the middle'. Based on the limited technical info my guess would be it was designed by Matsudaira San of My Sonic Lab, who does OEM work for various companies, like Air Tight, Accuphase and TechDas. At 230.000 Yen the price of the Luxman is more reasonable than those, at least in Japan. Could be a winner!

Dear @luxmancl38 : I listened several times the LMC-1 because I owned and it's really good performer even for today top standards, it's a very small cartridge ( body ) and it weigths only 5grs.. Good LOMC cartridge if you have the rigth phono stage for that output level of 0.1mV.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
I have a Luxman PD-171A TT w/a new current Dynavector Karat 17 DX. Works well w/the Luxman CL38 tube phono. I would assume this cart would be compatible w/Luxman phono preamps. Maybe Luxman USA will have some info. Luxman is rolling out a lot of new gear over the last few years. Also nice upgrades on their established products.
luxman, Since the LMC1 is said by Raul to have an output of 0.1mV, it probably requires a SUT to work well with any of the Luxman phonopreamps I know about.  And perhaps some of those do have built in SUTs adequate to the task.  But you would need a voltage gain greater than the typical 1:10, for most MM inputs.  We are talking about matching a nearly 30 year old cartridge to a brand new phono stage, I guess.  Raul could probably say whether Luxman made a special SUT for the LMC1, back in the day, just as Ortofon made a special SUT (T2000) for its very LOMC cartridge, the MC2000 (.05mV).
According to the info the cart is rated a .04mv.  My Karat 17DX is .03mv. So it should work w/the internal phono on the CL38. The CL38 has 4 SUT's. 2 for MC high and 2 for MC Low.

Dear @lewm  : Yes, exist at least 3 Luxman SUTs: 8025,8020 and 8030 that have different gain.

I owned the phonolinepreamp Luxman C-05 that came with two of those SUTs that are plug-in external to the unit.

Makes a good job but not at the level of the vintage Ortofon or Entré or Technics or Sony.

Hi , i bought from Raul his LMC1, is a very good cartridge, I use it with an Entre et100 SUT using the 3 ohms setting and an ARC ph3 phonostage and have more than enough gain no problem. According to vinyl engine and to what Raul mentioned me it has a diamond cantilever and not a saphire one as mentioned by edgewear.
Well, so much the better. Some sellers advertise diamond, some sapphire, so I assumed the latter. Should have mentioned both.

While checking the info on the web I noticed that the LMC-1 is also being described as a rebadged version of the Sony XL-MC7, which does look a bit similar. Elsewhere it's suggested that the Madrigal Carnegie One was also derived from the Sony. For what it's worth.
Dear @cardani  : Yes and I miss it but it's best in your hands playing that seated in a box at my place. I'm still own many top quality performers cartridges, as the LMC-1

Dear @edgewear : No, the Carnegie one as the very good Carnegie 2 were designed by two very well regarded cartridge manufacturers, was a collaboration in between: Benz-Micro and VDH.

The Carnegie 2  is really good but the One it's not.